2010 Entrepreneurial Insurance Symposium

Symposium Information

Innovation is the driving force to new revenues.
Without innovation, an insurance organization cannot survive.

The Entrepreneurial Insurance Symposium, was started in 2007 by MarketScout, as a medium to profile innovation in the insurance industry. The Entrepreneurial Symposium is the only true conference for insurance innovation and is a must-attend event for every insurance professional interested in new concepts that provide a competitive advantage.

Each year, MarketScout hosts over 400 retail agents, risk managers, insurance company executives, software developers, reinsurers, investment bankers and service companies. Industry leaders profile how innovation has aided company expansion via new distribution and underwriting techniques. New products are announced, software applications easing underwriting processes are profiled and creative techniques for distributing insurance have been launched as a result of concepts profiled at the symposium.

On September 14 and 15, 2010 the Entrepreneurial Insurance Symposium will feature new keynote presentations from leaders of the most innovative companies in the insurance industry. Investors from the top venture capital, industry and banking firms will attend in search of the next great company in which they can invest. Entrepreneurs and innovators will have ample opportunity to meet with potential investment partners.

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