2012 Entrepreneurial Awards

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The Entrepreneurial Insurance Alliance (EIA) is accepting applications for innovative concepts in insurance underwriting, distribution and technology. The EIA, founded by MarketScout, is an alliance of forward thinking insurance companies interested in supporting innovation in the insurance industry. If you have developed an entrepreneurial concept and would like to be considered for an award, please complete the attached "Entrepreneurial Dashboard" which provides a summary of your initiative.

A judge's panel from the EIA will review all of the submissions and select twelve finalists, three each for insurance underwriting, distribution and technology. These finalists will be invited to make a 20 minute presentation to the 450 plus attendees at the Entrepreneurial Insurance Symposium (www.einsurancesymposium.com) in Dallas on September 12, 2012. The symposium registrants will vote on the best concept. The EIA judge's panel will vote as well. The blended results will be used to select the winners.

All finalists will be interviewed by Business Insurance and other media outlets. The winners will receive extensive press and media coverage, a framed Entrepreneurial Award, an audience with the incubation committee of the EIA and invitation to attend the Symposium VIP/Speaker dinner.

Winners of the 2011 Entrepreneurial Awards were:

Winners of the 2010 Entrepreneurial Awards were: